Enforcement of Judgments

We are happy to enforce a Judgment against a debtor on your behalf whether we have obtained it or not. It is important that you tell us as much information about the debtor as possible. If the Defendant has the means to pay, we should be able to make a full recovery.

You may instruct us to carry out the following pre-enforcement steps to improve your prospects of successful enforcement:

Pre-Enforcement Steps


"No trace-no fee" available on request.

Order to Attend Court for Questioning

The debtor is required to attend Court to answer questions and produce documents in relation to their financial affairs. This is particularly useful to obtain information about a debtor, before deciding the most effective way of enforcing a Judgment.

Court Fee Our Costs (plus VAT) Process Server Fee (plus VAT)
£50.00 £50.00 Approximately £75.00

None of these costs are recoverable from the debtor.

Enforcement Options

1. Enforcement by County Court Bailiff/ High Court Enforcement

Our experience is that the High Court enforcement officers tend to have more effective recovery rates than the Bailiff, because they are granted extended powers under the High Court rules to remove goods owned by the debtor and sell them to satisfy the Judgment and costs.

Judgment Amount Court Fee Our Costs (plus VAT)
Up to £600.00 (Bailiff) £50.00 (£2.25 of which you can recover)
Over £600.00 (High Court) £60.00 £51.75

The Court Fee and Our Costs are added to the Judgment to be recovered from the debtor.

Where the Judgment is enforced in the High Court, the High Court enforcement officer will charge a fee which will normally be recoverable from the debtor. Where there is no recovery of the Judgment debt, the High Court enforcement officer will charge an abortive fee.

2. Charging Order

This process protects the Judgment as a charge in your favour over property owned by the debtor in England and Wales.

Court Fee Our Costs (plus VAT) Land Registry Fees etc.
£100.00 £110.00 Approximately £100.00

The Court Fee, Our Costs and the Land Registry Fees are added to the Judgment to be recovered from the debtor.

3. Attachment of Earnings

Where you know the debtor is employed by a third party, we are able to apply to the Court for an attachment of earnings order. Which, if made, will require the employer to deduct instalment payments towards the Judgment debt direct from the debtor's wages.

Court Fee Our Costs (plus VAT)
£100.00 £100.00

Please note, only the Court Fee is recoverable from the debtor.

4. We will discuss with you other methods of enforcement if appropriate (Statutory Demands, Winding Up Orders and Bankruptcy)

If your Total Sum Due is in excess of £750.00 you may wish to issue a Statutory Demand upon your debtor, as an alternative to issuing Court Proceedings and obtaining a Judgment.

Our Costs (plus VAT) Process Server Fee (plus VAT)
£100.00 Approximately £75.00

Our Costs and the Process Server's Fee are not recoverable from the debtor.

If the debtor does not pay the Total Sum Due following receipt of the Statutory Demand, or, dispute the amount claimed in the Statutory Demand you are entitled to present a petition for the debtor's bankruptcy, or where the debtor is a limited company, a winding up petition. Please ask us to give you an estimate of Our Costs and Court Fees for petitioning for bankruptcy/winding up petition.

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