Intellectual Property

Disputes about copyright, trade marks or patents or domain names, all of which can be valuable business assets, can arise when other businesses:

  • use or infringe your IP without your permission, or
  • claim ownership of those rights, or
  • take action against you for infringing their IP rights.

If you have detected infringements of your IP, what is important is to protect your brand and reputation from being hijacked. Simply drawing the attention of the party infringing your rights may be sufficient to get them to stop. If not, you may be able to resolve the dispute by Alternative Dispute Resolution, rather than by taking court action – in fact, the courts will expect you to try to resolve matters before commencing court action.

On the other hand, if you are told in writing that you are infringing another person’s IP rights, then you need to seek legal advice quickly as you may need to stop what you are doing immediately.

We can advise you by assessing the strength of your case and then help you to try to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

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