Personal Finances - Restructuring Advice

Financial setbacks can occur, whether as a result of salary reduction, redundancy, illness, a void in your buy to let portfolio or something which no one could predict.  It can feel overwhelming to try to deal on your own with competing demands on your finances.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees.  It can help to have someone totally independent who can bring a fresh pair of eyes to the issues you face and help you to prioritise payments and creditors.  We can help you to assess the situation and find the best way forward to achieve recovery. 

If you need to contact financial institutions about your liabilities, and if you are unable to pay them in full, then you need to do so before their collection agents or departments are involved.  We have experience of lenders’ requirements and can advise you on the best way to deal with them to help you try to restructure your loans, avoiding forced sales and default interest rates, management charges and other tools that lenders can use in their recovery procedures. Using our experience we can help you put a package together which gives the best chance of success, not one which is so unrealistic that it actually makes things worse.

Very occasionally our advice might be to hand the keys back, or just make yourself bankrupt, but in the vast majority of cases we can help you restructure your debts into a manageable package.

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