Financial Settlement

Sorting out the assets on the breakdown of a marriage is a skilled and often complex task requiring full and frank disclosure by each party to the other and to the court as part of the procedure by each party.

We recommend that before you take any decisions, you contact us so that our family lawyers can give you sound, practical advice about the various options available to you.  We will advise you about the financial information and documents required, the procedure if you are unable to reach an out-of-court settlement, the likely outcome of a contested case and the costs involved.

No two cases are the same.  Each case will be dealt with differently and on its own merits.  Negotiating a tailor made solution swiftly and cost effectively for you is our aim.  We try hard to resolve cases by negotiations and avoid a full blown courtroom hearing.

Where agreement cannot be reached then either party can apply to the court for a financial remedy order.  It is possible to stop the court proceedings at any time should agreement be reached.  An advantage of court is that a timetable is set to ensure both parties provide full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances at the time required by the court.

In order to start all this, a petition for divorce or judicial separation needs to be have been issued at Court, followed by an application to the court for a financial order and there is a court fee payable of £255.00.  The party making this application is called the Applicant and the other party is known as the Respondent.

The law in this area is fast moving and we do keep up to date on all the latest case law.

Disputes over finances can be expensive but with good advice we can steer you into the target area for settlement at and early stage, cutting out expensive standard procedures which lead nowhere.  We provide full details of our fees in advance of every stage of your case to enable you to make informed decisions and stay in control of the costs.

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