We have our roots in agriculture and agricultural businesses of various types whether farming, supplying the farming industry or providing services to the farming community and dealing with land and landlord and tenant issues. We have supported and advised a number of Cumbrian agribusinesses for many years and we’re here to help you and your business as well.

First Hand Agricultural Knowledge and Legal Experience – All in One Place

Members of our team have wide experience in dealing with agricultural law and some farm or have farmed in the past. So we can offer a real understanding of the challenges, the opportunities and the day to day necessities of our clients’ businesses based on legal knowledge and personal experiences.


We understand that running a farming business these days can be complex and challenging. You need support and advice from people who not only know the law but understand the agricultural world and may be able to advise from their own personal experience. That’s what our team can offer you and your business.

It’s one thing to have experience in the general law and you would expect that from any law firm. However, we can go further. Our knowledge of the areas of law specific to agriculture, personal experience within our agricultural team and our agricultural roots mean that we understand the areas in which our clients are operating and ultimately this can mean a saving in costs and better outcomes for our clients.

Legal advice with a personal touch and attention to detail from agricultural law experts and those with farming experience. That’s the Bell Park Kerridge difference.



We have the experience and knowledge to advise you on a range of property related issues. Whether it’s buying or selling farms and land or agreements relating to overage, share farming and grass lets, biodiversity schemes, option agreements and development and promotion agreements for development. Yours is a specialist area and you need specialists to ensure that you get the outcome you need allowing you to get on with the business of farming itself.

We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to consider in advance of negotiations. We’re used to working with land agents, accountants and other professionals to ensure you get a good deal. Once agreement has been reached, we can guide you through the process of documenting that agreement. In the case of sales and purchases including the conveyancing process, the searches that may need to be undertaken, the enquiries that should be raised, advising you on them and dealing with any queries that you may have.

Of course, we can also advise you on the documentation for any funding required in connection with the transaction seeking to protect your interests and to ensure that the relevant arrangements are in place before a transaction becomes legally binding.

Get in touch with our friendly experienced team now for:

  • Farm sales
  • Farm purchases
  • Land sales and purchases
  • Auction pack reviews
  • Overage agreements
  • Option agreements and promotion agreements for development
  • Share farming agreements
  • Grass lets/grazing licences
  • Telecommunications masts
  • Wayleaves
  • Commons and manorial land
  • Voluntary registration of land
  • Mines and minerals
  • Rights of way and other rights over land


Farming may be a specialist area but, as in other businesses, there will be times when there are disputes. However, we’ll be on hand when those occur to ensure that they can be resolved efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure you suffer as little disruption to your business – and your life – as reasonably possible.

We’ll always try and resolve disputes quickly and as amicably as possible if we can in the first instance. Our experience shows that is the best approach for all parties. However, that cannot always be achieved and if the dispute cannot be resolved amicably we have all the experience you need to guide you through any necessary litigation including mediation, arbitration and right up to arguing your case in court if that is necessary.

Throughout the process, however long it takes, you’ll benefit from our personal touch, attention to detail and know who is working on your matter and how to contact them so you have as much comfort as possible that you are in good hands.

Our experience includes:

  • Land and property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Family and matrimonial disputes
  • Financial disputes
  • Land drainage disputes
  • Arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution

Get in touch with our friendly, experienced team now.


Whether it’s for existing tenancy agreements or a new agreement, professional advice from knowledgeable experts is always valuable, especially when they understand farming business and have connections in agriculture as we have at Bell Park Kerridge.

Our experienced team is here to advise you on a range of issues relating to tenancy matters including:

  • Farm business tenancies
  • Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancies
  • Succession applications and succession plannings under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986
  • Tenant right and dilapidations claims
  • Renewable and telecommunications leases
  • Commercial lets for diversification


As climate change and the environment becomes more and more important so do issues related to it. It presents opportunities and challenges for us all in agriculture. Our experienced team are on hand to advise and assist you on existing issues and to help you with your planning for the future. Whether it is biodiversity schemes, renewable energy or environmental management agreements that are part of your thinking as it is with more farmers and land owners as time goes by.

We can advise on a range of issues relevant to your farm and land and farming business including:

Wind Turbines

In the light of the recent relaxation of the rules to facilitate onshore wind farms, we can provide advice on the legal documentation whether it is an option agreement for a proposed development or finalisation of an agreement for a wind farm. We can also provide advice in relation to individual turbine projects which may be increasingly viable commercially with a view to reducing energy bills and generating some income from energy generated and fed into the National Grid.


It is important that if you are entering into an agreement for solar panels on your farm that the often complex documentation relating to them is thoroughly reviewed and you are advised on it to ensure that your interests and returns from the scheme are protected. We can provide you with legal assistance as the schemes move through the planning process and any legal issues arising from installation and any supply agreements. These schemes are a long term commitment but with the benefit of the right advice can be commercially very beneficial. That advice can include working with your accountants to ensure that tax aspects are considered including the impact on inheritance tax liability and appropriate tax planning takes place.

strong>Biodiversity Schemes

You may need advice on agreements relating to carbon credits and biodiversity schemes and environmental management agreements and if so we can assist.


In addition to agrilaw, we can assist you in planning the future of the business and succession for future generations working in conjunction with your other professional advisors including your accountant and land agents. We can assist and advise in relation to:

  • Wills
  • Probate and trusts
  • Succession under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986
  • Partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Employment matters
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Divorce

Get in touch with our friendly, experienced team now and find out how we can help you.