Property litigation and dispute experts for businesses

As a business which owns, leases or rents property, you’ll need legal advice you can rely on and which makes sure your interests are protected.

No matter the size of your business, it’s an unfortunate fact that disputes will sometimes arise. They could be with partners, tenants, contractors or another party. That’s when you’ll need someone on your side. Property litigation experts who you can rely on, who have the experience of helping smaller, medium-sized and larger business which you need and who pay attention to the crucial details you need attending to.

Our property disputes and litigation experts at Bell Park Kerridge have vast experience. We act for business clients enforcing and protecting rights arising from the ownership, letting, use and occupation of residential, commercial and agricultural property.

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We represent our clients in courts and tribunals across England and Wales and have acted in a huge range of matters of all natures. We’ve seen most things in our time but, in a fast-moving business world, there are always new challenges to meet.

Business property disputes can be particularly sensitive as they often involve third parties on whom you may rely for premises or other aspects of your business. However, you can trust us to find a solution which meets your needs but also handles your important business relationships with sensitivity.

We work closely with our non-contentious property department and have a wide range of experience of resolving property disputes through litigation, mediation and other types of alternative dispute resolution.

Where appropriate, we are often able to assist our clients to resolve issues through negotiation to avoid incurring the costs and anxiety of litigation.

Our experience includes:

  • Dilapidation, disrepair and end of tenancy issues
  • Trespass and adverse possession
  • Possession and forfeiture
  • Easements, boundaries, and rights of way
  • Covenants
  • Use and abuse of land
  • Planning and environmental disputes
  • Shared access, parking and boundary disputes


We build a plan tailored to your needs to get you the outcome you want – as we know that no two matters will be exactly the same. We’re always flexible in our work with clients and that also applies to how you can fund any litigation work.

There are a number of ways of funding, which we would be pleased to discuss in more detail:

  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Hourly rates for agreed levels of investigation and advice
  • Fixed price quotations for agreed levels of investigation and advice

Our property litigation experts are ready to help you. Call us now on 01228 888999 or get in touch.