Probate Disputes

You may be a Personal Representative appointed under a Will faced with a claim by a disappointed family member, or you may have expected to benefit under a Will only to find that in fact you receive nothing.

We have vast experience in acting for Personal Representatives of Estates and for disappointed beneficiaries.

There may be concerns over the validity of a Will, or an individual who has enjoyed financial support during the deceased’s lifetime does not benefit under the Will.

Each case is fact specific and we are able to give cost effective advice on which cases should be fought, and which conceded with the emphasis on achieving cost effective settlement without the need for Court proceedings.


There are a number of ways of funding which we would be pleased to discuss in more detail:

  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Conditional Fee Agreements (the so called “no win, no fee agreement”)
  • Damages based agreement
  • Hourly rates for agreed levels of investigation and advice
  • Fixed price quotations for agreed levels of investigation and advice.

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