A people business, a personal touch and A NEW WEBSITE

A people business, a personal touch and A NEW WEBSITE

The year is moving quickly. Already it’s June and we’re busier than ever here at Bell Park Kerridge.

And we’re also celebrating a new look and a new website. It’s all part of our growth and development as a business serving clients across Carlisle, Cumbria and elsewhere in England and Wales as well.

A key part of our new website looks at the stories of those who work for us. The people who make us what we are and what we will be in the future.

BPK has always been a people business and it always will be. That’s why we’ve invested in our colleagues and will continue to do so. The progress of colleagues like Claire, Vince and Pearl makes us proud and others will follow them.

And we’re a people business for another reason. We pride ourselves on the personal touch. Our experienced team have the knowledge and authority to help and advise you quickly so you get the outcome you need – but they’ll also build a relationship with you which will make achieving what you need to achieve so much easier.

That same personal touch, along with our renowned attention to detail, is what makes BPK different – whether we’re helping you with personal matters like moving home, divorce or separation or with Will and probate work, or if we’re supporting you and your business with corporate transactions, commercial property matters or litigation.

And we’re not saying it because it sounds good. It’s what our clients tell us.

It’s also why we’re winning more work than ever for our teams as more and more clients choose BPK.

So, check out our new website and we hope our brilliant BPK team is able to help you soon.