HARDWARE – A necessary expense?

HARDWARE – A necessary expense?

When Apple are up on stage in LA unveiling the newest iPhone, or when Microsoft are demonstrating the new Xbox at E3, I like no doubt many other people are eager to see what’s new about it and then realize “I’d really like one of those”.

We can’t deny we live in a world where technology is vital in our day to day lives. Having friends round for gaming nights, or chatting with clients on a fast mobile with a great camera and loads of memory, it’s great isn’t it? We all want to have the best equipment for what we want in our lives.

The same should apply with the hardware of your business.

HARDWARE - A necessary expense?

Like with many things, you get what you pay for with hardware. The more you spend, the better quality and performance you receive.

It is often an old cliche that it is heard out loud across the office by a disgruntled member of staff “Come on you piece of junk!” or “This machine is so flaming slow!”.

This is the ramifications of bad management and serious neglect with regards to the IT and infrastructure of the company. You need to make sure that the PC’s and other hardware your business is using have the capacity and memory to run the programs you use. The majority of case management software these days is server based and requires lots of processing power, so it is no good trying to do that with a machine that doesn’t meet the requirements, but you got it purely because it was a few £s cheaper.

You need to look at the bigger picture and see where your business is going. A good IT Manager is on the ball with all the equipment in the office and knows what is needing phased out, and when to buy in new hardware. This will make life as easy as possible for the Fee Earners and Secretaries so their time and ability is being used to the best it can be.

Michael Frame