The importance of making a Will

The importance of making a Will

The making, or not of a Will was thrown into focus in the last month or so with the news that Aretha Franklin, the famous soul singer had died without making a Will.

As her Estate is likely to run into the $millions, the tax bill for the beneficiaries is also likely to run into $millions. It appears Aretha was not against making a Will, she just never got around to it. Are you the same? We often hear that the deceased person had said “I will do it later” but later never came for them!


Your Estate may not run into the £millions but have you made a Will?

Are you sure that your wishes will be carried out?

Have you or your partner been married before?

Do you have an old Will made during your previous marriage that has not been updated/replaced?

Do you have children from previous marriages?

Have you been married since you made your Will?

Unless your Will was made in contemplation of marriage it will automatically be revoked.

These, and other questions may be relevant to you. Here at Bell Park Kerridge we have experienced staff who can talk you through the process of making a Will and ask the necessary and relevant questions to prepare a Will that is right for you.

Why not give us a call on 01228 888 999 OPT1 to arrange an appointment. Don’t say I will do it later. DO IT NOW and relax knowing you have sorted the position out for you and your family.