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Why do I need a will?

Everyone really should have a Will and that is especially the case if you have children, own a property or own a business.

A Will makes sure you control what happens to the estate you leave behind when you die. If you don’t leave a Will, you will die intestate – and the law has set rules for that which inflexibly apply and take control away from you.

The choices you make in a Will are always likely to be the best choices for your beneficiaries after you die. With a Will, you can ensure you look after those and make the winding up of your estate as simple as possible.

Our experienced, friendly team is one of the leading Wills and probate teams in Carlisle. Our experts know the problems that can arise and can help you to ensure that your Will does exactly what you want it to do when the time comes.

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Will disputes

An ever-increasing number of wills are being disputed and ending up in legal arguments or even in court.

Disappointed beneficiaries can challenge the validity of the Will on the following grounds;

  • Due Execution

  • Testator’s knowledge and approval

  • Mental capacity

  • Undue influence

  • Financial dependency

Yes. We would always recommend that everybody has a properly drafted Will. Many people believe they are either too young to write a Will or that it is too expensive or they do not have enough money or property to make writing a Will worthwhile.

Dying without a Will can make what is already a difficult time a lot harder for your family. By writing a Will, you leave your loved ones clear instructions on your wishes. Wills can also be used for tax planning and to protect your assets for future generations and from being used to pay nursing home fees.